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May 10, 2013

Using Evernote to keep track of workarounds and solutions

I just thought I would share a new way I’ve started using Evernote, which could benefit you as well, in your daily work.

Very often, I get workorders where I have to dig for a while, to find a solution. Over time, it can get pretty hard to keep track of what you’ve tried. That introduces a lot of potential rework, rereading, and retrying. Waste of time and effort.

So what I’ve started doing is:

  • I create a notebook in Evernote, named after the case I’m working on.
  • When I google for solutions, I use the Evernote Web Clipper to save useful info from a webpage.
  • I tag the clip using keywords which fit the case, and save it in the case notebook.


What you get from this is:

  • A searchable library of workarounds and solutions which build up over time. As every webclip has the URL saved with it, you also know if you’ve tried that particular solution before.
  • You’re effectively building your own personal knowledgebase.
  • You get access to this on your mobile, via Evernotes mobile apps (Bring your knowledge with you)
  • You can share the solutions you’ve found, with others – colleagues, partners, other professionals.
  • When you find the right solution to your problem, you can add that to your wiki, helpdesk system or forum as a verified solution.
  • Less rework.
  • Less rediscovery of solutions and workarounds.

Enjoy 🙂

And remember: Evernote has a freemium model. You REALLY have to put a lot of stuff into Evernote, before you have to pay for it. If you do reach the limit, I have every confidence it’ll be worth your money.


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