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October 7, 2018

Jacob Saaby Nielsen

Jacob Saaby Nielsen
Solution Architect

The epicenter of my work can be expressed in one word: Value.

I prioritize tasks, create solutions and decide based on value perspectives for the business, the stakeholders and the endusers.

The landscape I’m in when I work, consists of people, processes, IT and organization. They are my team, the way I create purpose and value, the tools I use to solve the job, and the framework within which I solve things.

This is my sweetspot: When I can help solve interesting problems for people, who gain from great solutions. I’ve moved from pure tech to orienting myself towards value and processes.

The way I do things is the thorough preparation as a basis for efficient execution. 6P is always present when I work:

  1. Proper
  2. Preparation
  3. Prevents
  4. Piss
  5. Poor
  6. Performance

And there are a thousand reasons why that doesn’t always translate to success 😉

Knowledgesharing, collaboration and continuous improvement and learning are the pillars of my work.

And I love documentation. I know, right!?

Work Experience
Syspeople ApS
Solution Architect, ServiceNow

I help our customers do great ITSM/ESM in ServiceNow, based on ITIL principles.

I do:

  • Workshops
  • Requirement specifications
  • Estimation
  • Project management
  • Business logic implementation
  • Workflow and process design and implementation
  • Solution design
  • Feature roadmapping
  • Keep customers happy


  • ServiceNow Suite Certification: ITSM Professional
  • ServiceNow Suite Certification: CSM Professional
Translucent ApS
Business Consultant

Work with the Atlassian product portfolio, although especially with:


  • Clarifying processes and workflows.
  • Modelling workflows.
  • Implementing project models and workflows in JIRA.
  • Teaching JIRA.


  • General administration.
  • Implementing.
  • Teaching Confluence.
  • Help clarify spaces and space designs.
  • Prototyping.
  • IT Service Management based on JIRA Service Desk and Confluence
  • Product development
  • Maturity model
  • http://www.translucent.dk/itsm/


  • Service Desk responsibility.
  • Designing and teaching courses.
  • Project management of technical upgrade/implementation projects.
  • Project estimation and project estimation model.

Atlassian Authorized Instructor

  • JIRA Essentials
  • Getting Started with Confluence (for users)
  • Getting More from Confluence (for users)
  • JIRA/Confluence Integration
  • Getting Started with JIRA Software
  • Getting More from JIRA Agile

I advised, implemented and taught.

  • I advised on choosing the right collaborative technology for knowledge and information workers, so you reach your stated goals.
  • I implement collaborative technology both technically and in your organisation.
  • I teach, through courses, workshops or elearning material, to maximize the effect of your technology investment.
  • I work with tools and technology that enable you to work with knowledge on an individual level, to work with knowledge on an organizational level, and technology to bind your whole organization together through a social layer.

My work can be both strategically and operationally oriented. It’s always oriented towards how we can achieve better results together, and how it can make your work easier and better.

Products I know particularly well

  • Podio
  • Bitrix24
  • Office 365
  • Google Apps for Work (now G-Suite)
  • Atlassian Confluence (enterprise wiki)
  • Evernote
  • OneNote
  • MindMeister
  • Kanban (Kanbanize).
Systematic A/S
System Engineer, Messaging & Collaboration

Responsibility for, and focusing on, communication, collaboration and knowledgesharing solutions, including implementation, daily operation, troubleshooting and maintenance. General infrastructure operations and 2nd level support.

I wrote my final thesis for my AP in Management and Leadership, on virtual leadership.

Primary responsibilities

Operations, support, troubleshooting, upgrading, implementing.

  • Exchange.
  • Sharepoint.
  • Confluence.
  • Active Directory.

Areas and technologies I worked with

  • Atlassian Confluence Wiki, Gliffy diagramming, RefinedWiki theme, various other plugins. Used as an enterprise wiki, as well as a blog platform. I grew the platform from implementation to over 700% growth during an 8 month period. The platform brought on a regular revolution in how things were documented, and how documentation was being worked with.
  • LeanKit Kanban.
  • Clickstudios Passwordstate.
  • Exchange 2010: Mail, shared mailboxes, public folders and calendars.
  • Lync 2010: Designing course material, coworker courses. The platform served both as a daily communication platform including external participants, SCRUM setups, meeting room solution using MS Roundtable, and town hall meeting platform.
  • Huddle: Supporting mixed employee/customer teams.
  • Yammer: Internal team communication.
  • Sharepoint 2003, 2010, 2013, Online: Extranet functionality. Establishing governance. Taxonomy definitions and term set administration. Enterprise search using FAST, MySite profiles, skill search.
  • Writing social media policy.
  • Rewriting and simplifying the policy for 3rd party cloud solutions.
  • Running the IT Operations knowledge network, including meeting facilitation, network administration, coordinating subject matter experts.
  • Participating in the I-Day innovation network as one of the 5-6 active members developing the I-Day concept, helping organize the actual events, handling intranet communication, bringing in external knowledge to help propel the project forward.

As well as

  • Powershell process automation
  • Active Directory self service via Imanami Group ID
  • Product evaluations
  • Documentation of processes and solutions
  • Operations- and user guides.
Systems Consultant/QA Manager/Operations Consultant
  • Operation, support and monitoring of hosted customer servers.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Customer IT operations meetings.
  • Designed and implemented solutions and processes at customer sites, among them a documentable and consistent patching process, usable across various customer environments.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Improving the quality and consistence of customer related documentation.
Image Developer
  • Developing and maintaining course pc images.
  • Project management of the basic OS migration track.
  • Project management of the OS/software deployment and distribution tracks.
  • Group policy GPO strategy.
  • Implementation.
  • Product testing.
  • Product evaluations.
  • 2nd level support.
  • Vendor contact.
Systems Consultant/National Antivirus Specialist
  • Project management of the desktop track in the Windows 2000 migration project.
  • Responsible for the desktop concept.
  • Software repackaging.
  • Software distribution of applications and OS patches (Microsoft SMS)
  • National Antivirus Specialist, creating strategies and procedures in case of virus attacks. International coordination with the security organization.
Ingram Micro, SMG Denmark, Multiline Denmark, Olivetti
Various support related

Did all manners of support in the vendor space, from graphical equipment, to network equipment, on both Mac and Windows, networks, servers, clients, printers, switches etc.

  • Internal support.
  • Customer support.
  • Dealer support.
Ledelsesakademiet/Erhvervsakademi Aarhus
Academy Profession Degree in Leadership and Management


  • Communication: 12
  • Business Communication: 12
  • Practical Leadership: 12
  • Organizational Theory: 10
  • Strategic Leadership: 7
  • Final thesis on Virtual Leadership: 10
Niels Brock Herlev
  • A dad to a son (13) and a bonus son (22).
  • Boyfriend to Tania through 17 years.
  • Live smackdab in the middle of the worlds greatest town, Aarhus. I moved here in 2005.
  • I play games (PC), read books (mostly philosophy and how we work together), listen to podcasts, watch TV series and movies, and hang out with the family.
  • I fish.
  • I’m into good rum.
  • I’m into wristwatches.
  • I wear hats.
  • Butterfly over tie.
  • I’m fascinated by postapocalyptic scenarios, and what they entail.
  • I try to be politically aware, and even active, although I find it incredibly filled with dilemmas. So the active part has been dialed down for the moment.
  • Sports? Not so much. I sail in Aarhus Sejlklub.
  • Love playing backgammon.
  • Peeled 1.000.000+ eggs. I’m not kidding. It’s how I rediscovered my love for knowledge and came to acknowledge the need for a proper education.
IT Operations
Knowledge Sharing/Tools

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